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Smaller announcements are made on the Discord server, in the #announcements channel.

Old Minecraft world downloads

As promised, here are some of the world downloads for the previous Minecraft server which just shut down.

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The Minecraft 1.13 server is here! (and about our 1.12 shutdown plans)

🎉🎉🎉 We’ve soft-launched the Minecraft 1.13 server, and it’s now open to all users! You might also notice our fancy new website. Along with this, there are some incoming change to both the new and old game servers.

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Check Discord for the latest news!

We’re still alive, but we haven’t been updating the news section below. You can find all the latest news on the Discord, in the #announcements channel!

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The N3FS Town Hall Meeting - this Saturday!

We're arranging for a town hall meeting next Saturday. Let's talk about the servers, the community, and anything else.

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Introducing the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer server!

N3FS is now hosting a Just Cause 3 Multiplayer sandbox server!

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Spleef Arena Build Comp

BUILD COMP TIME! Spleef Arena, you may have as many spleef floors as you want, each spleef floor must be snow blocks and rectangular, and the build must be made of an arena and a lobby, if your build does not meet these requirements it will not be considered complete or rateable, the competition finishes 4th December at 20:00 to enter go through the portal at /hub once in the comp world do /p auto to claim a plot

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Tropical Island Build Competition Results!

Remember that build comp we held back in July? Neither did I until 5 minutes ago. Announcing the winners:

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(Slightly Late) New Server and Website Announcements

On Friday 21st of October, we will be launching a Garry’s Mod server! Our new website has also launched!

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