We are planning to migrate to the new server this weekend! Unfortunately, this means there will some downtime, but we’ve good news for you too!

On 16 August – about 24 hours after this message – we will begin redirecting players to our brand new server.

During this time:

  • Survival will be unavailable while we work to shift the current Survival world over
  • In the meantime, we’ll be opening up access to the Creative world, which will contain the classic Creative world from before the server reboot!
  • After the move, we’ll be running on Minecraft 1.14.x! This will be the 1.14 trial weekend mentioned in the earlier roadmap. If all goes well, we’ll keep the server running on 1.14, but if we encounter issues, we will have to revert to Minecraft 1.13.x, and all progress made during the weekend will be rolled back too.

We’ll be using the same verification system for the Creative world, so only verified players will be able to modify the Creative world. This is because we’ve traditionally had repeated grief done to an open Creative world.

We’ll be posting more updates here in #announcements, so keep an eye out!
Thank you for flying with N3FS Airways.

P.S. We had to make a new Twitter account, it’s now @TeamN3FS. Please follow us?