The long-awaited 1.15 update is arriving at N3FS, so here’s our plan of action for the following week.

What’s changing?

Although players have always been able to use the latest version of Minecraft to connect to our servers, the underlying servers themselves have been running on Minecraft 1.14. As a result, new blocks and mobs like the honey block and bees haven’t been available so far.

This week we’re finally taking the leap to update all of our servers to 1.15.2. This means that players still using 1.14 will need to update their game to the latest version to continue playing.

When’s it happening?

First, the beta server will open to allow us to test plugin compatibility on Sunday using a test world - nothing on this world will be saved, it’s simply there to make sure everything runs as we expect.

Assuming everything goes okay, we plan to update survival to 1.15 on Monday, after which the server will re-open to make sure everything has transferred over properly. The survival world border will remain in its current location, and creative will remain on 1.14 at that time.

In the mid-week, we will enter a maintenance stage where the servers will close entirely. This is an unfortunate necessity in order to expand the world border to its new size of 13k blocks.

Following this, at some point in the next few weeks creative will be updated. Downtime for that will be relatively short, but we’ll announce it ahead of time as normal.

If you’ve got any questions, concerns, or have found any bugs in the beta server, please contact us in the #support channel in Discord, and please do keep an eye out for #announcements about upcoming maintenance.

That’s about all for today, have fun!

  • Jack