Here’s a look at our plans for the next few weeks/months, including updates on highly-requested features like the Minecraft 1.14 update and Creative.

Server migration

We’re currently working on migrating to a more powerful dedicated server. In fact, we’ve just paid for the new server, and are currently working on setting it up right now.

The new server is better equipped at a similar price, so it should be able to support our needs for the near future, as well as hopefully reducing the lag we sometimes encounter.

Speaking of lag…

Minecraft 1.14 when MD

We’ve shared elsewhere previously that we’re not upgrading to 1.14 for the time being. This was due to reported issues such as it performing worse than 1.13 on the same hardware.

That said, we’re looking into holding a Minecraft 1.14 weekend soon™ within the upcoming weeks, depending on how the server migration goes. This weekend event will see us updating the server to 1.14 and opening it to everyone, allowing us to monitor its performance and making tweaks as needed. (Edit for clarification: there will be no world reset, we’re planning to bring over the existing Survival world)

The downside to this: if we decide 1.14 is not ready for prime time, we will be rolling back the server to 1.13, which means all progress made in 1.14 will be lost. We’ll make another announcement when we’ve another update on this.

We’ve got some really Creative plans

We’ll start to look into adding a Creative server after the 1.14 update. This is further away, but at the moment, here’s our plan:

We’re planning to reuse the old Creative flat-world. We’re not planning to add a separate Plot world: instead, we’re planning a system where all users can explore the world, but to build you need to be verified. These are plans that are further away, so they might change.

Other notes

  • We introduced verification about two months ago to counter an influx of griefers on the server. It seems to be reasonably successful so far, and we’re intending to keep this for the time being.

  • Staff changes: Nody has stepped down from the staff team. He joined us in 2017 to help us with the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer server we were running at the time, and his contribution to the server is greatly appreciated.

  • As part of the server migration plans, the beta-testing IP will no longer work.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let us know in #server-discussion on the Discord server.

That’s about it, thanks for reading!