Hey everyone! As we approach the update to 1.16 on survival, staff at N3FS are keen to hear from our community on how we can improve the server experience.

The following Google Forms survey can be completed anonymously in less than 5 minutes and will provide us with valuable feedback on the needs of our community. If you have a query about any question on the survey, please ask in #server-discussion and a member of staff should be able to clarify.

When’s 1.16 coming?

As you may have noticed, a month ago we enabled connecting to the server from 1.16.1, and creative has been updated to 1.16.1. Due to upcoming technical changes in 1.16.2, we’re hoping to update survival once Mojang has released 1.16.2. We’ll let you know closer to the time when we have a timeline for the 1.16.2 upgrade.

- MD