N3FS is now hosting a Just Cause 3 Multiplayer sandbox server!

Fly, grapple, and shoot your way through Medici in game! Here’s what’s new:

  • A sandbox server: spawn in vehicles and weapons and cause as much chaos as you like!
  • Discord integration: join in the chat in #jc3mp even if you’re not playing!
  • Associated website updates: We added real-time server details for the server. Apart from that, we’ll leave you to figure out what else is new! ;)

Connecting to the server

You will need Just Cause 3 on Steam, along with the JC3:MP client to connect. We’re listed on the server list, so just launch the client, and connect with the in-game server browser.

If you encounter any issues, please drop us a note on Discord in #issues. Please try not to break everything.

The N3FS team