The Survival and Creative world downloads from the last server reset in March 2022 are now available.

These worlds were last opened in Minecraft 1.16.5.

Warning: The downloads will be significantly larger after being unzipped, especially for Creative!

World name ZIP download size Uncompressed size
Survival 6.3 GB 10.3 GB
Creative 1.1 GB 24.6 GB ⚠

Have fun!


These files are being provided as-is from the server. You should be able to open each world by copying each folder into your .minecraft/saves folder.

Changing game modes: Go to the Pause menu, select Open to LAN, and set Allow Cheats to On. After this, you should be able to change game mode by using the command /gamemode creative.

Merging files for the Nether and The End dimensions: For multi-dimension worlds like Survival, each world dimension is in its own folder: world, world_nether, and world_the_end.

If you want the dimensions to work properly within a single world, copy the main world folder first, then copy and replace the DIM-1 folder from the Nether and the DIM1 folder from The End into the main world folder.

You should end up with a folder layout like this:

  • world
    • /region
    • /DIM-1 (copied from world_nether)
    • /DIM1 (copied from world_the_end)
    • level.dat and other files and folders