As promised, here are some of the world downloads for the previous Minecraft server which just shut down.

These files are being provided as-is from the server. You should be able to open each world by copying each folder into your .minecraft/saves folder.

If you want to access the Nether and The End in multi-dimension worlds like survival, read on after the download list for instructions.

To change game mode, go to the Pause menu, select Open to LAN, and set Allow Cheats to On. After this, you should be able to change game mode by using the command /gamemode creative.

World download name ZIP download size Uncompressed size
Survival 12.4 GB ⚠ 21.3 GB ⚠
PureSurvival 484 MB ⚠ 775 MB ⚠
event7 (City build competition) 3 MB 22 MB
event6 (Spleef arena build comp) 6 MB 73 MB
event4 (Halloween build comp) 2 MB 13 MB
event3 (Tropical/Pirate build comp) 2 MB 16 MB
TJSHub 21 MB 29 MB

Have fun!

For multi-dimension worlds like Survival, each world dimension is in its own folder: survival, survival_nether, and survival_the_end. If you want the dimensions to work properly within a single world, move the DIM-1 folder from the Nether and the DIM1 folder from The End into the main world folder. You should end up with a folder layout like this:

  • survival
    • /region
    • /DIM-1
      • /region
    • /DIM1
      • /region
    • level.dat and other files