That's right, people still run Minecraft servers.

The NerdCubed Minecraft server is back! This time, it’s run by the fans, for the fans. A Minecraft server with worlds such as:

  • Survival (PvE): A community-focused PvE Survival world, with a few useful extras such as /homes and inter-player messaging.
  • Creative: A classic, open creative world. No plot system, just a flat open world.

The Minecraft server is integrated with Discord: chat with in-game players from your Discord app without opening Minecraft! We also occasionally host community events!

Server details

Please take the time to read the rules and guidelines before joining. This is a community-focused server. Unprovoked PvP, griefing, or looting is not allowed.

Server address:
Minecraft version: 1.16.4+ (Java Edition)


To be able to build in the spawn town in Survival and in Creative, you need to verify that you have read and will comply with our rules.

Getting Verified status

View our server rules

Getting started / Server guidelines

Minecraft commands

Claiming a build

Appeal a ban

Nominate someone for builder