In order to preserve and protect older builds in the world, requests to claim and take over a build will only be granted in exceptional situations.

While we understand this may be frustrating for some, we’ve made this decision in the best interests of the survival server, to prevent old builds being lost to time as players move on.

To request server staff to review a claim, please contact us. The criteria we use to consider your request includes:

  • How significant the build is and its value to the community
  • Whether the owner is inactive for over a few months
  • Your intention for the build: whether you intend to maintain and improve it, or to tear it down and build something else in its place.

If your claim is accepted, the following will happen:

  • We will unlock any locked blocks such as chests and doors
  • We will remove all chests and personal items from the build: you are inheriting the building, not its valuables :)

Do not modify a build before your request is granted. This constitutes griefing, and will be handled as such.