We know joining a new community can be daunting, so we’ve put together some tips and guidelines to help you get started!

We’re a group of friends!

This is a PvE-focused server. Most of the regular players are friends and know each other, so we’re not keen on things like unprovoked PvP or looting.

Take your time to review our server rules too to make sure you know what’s welcome and what’s not!

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Your first home

We don’t have an explicit claim system in place for property. Instead, we use an honour-based system and some common sense!

To “claim” a plot of land:

  • Find a vacant piece of land. Mark it with signs and blocks or torches so others know not to build there.
  • Don’t build or claim too closely to others: use your judgement! In towns, buildings might be close to each other, but avoid encroaching too closely on someone else.
  • We’re a friendly community, so feel free to ask around if in doubt.
  • Avoid excessivly large land claims, especially in towns. If you have a grand, big project. please build further away from towns.

Useful commands

There are a lot of useful commands and features on the server.

Learn about Minecraft commands

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