This page lists some useful commands for the Minecraft server.

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Homes Locks Teleporting Messaging Time


You can set up to 5 homes in Survival.

Command Description
/sethome [home] Sets the current location as a home
/home [name] Teleports to the specified home
/delhome [home] Deletes the specified home


These commands allow you to lock doors, as well as chests, furnaces, and other containers. when you place down a chest, it is automatically locked.

Command Description
/lock Allows you to lock something by clicking on it.
/unlock Removes the lock

Other types of locks:

Command Description
/cdonation Donation lock: players can insert items but cannot remove them
/cpassword [password] Password lock
/cunlock [password] Allows you to access a password-locked thing.
/cpublic Public lock: all players can use the thing but cannot lock it.

Lock flags:

Command Description
/lwc flag redstone on Disable redstone input (so things like levers cannot open that door)
/lwc flag redstone off Enables redstone input
/lwc flag hopper on Enable hoppers to interact with locked chests

More details on the lock plugin including adding others as members to a lock can be found here.


To teleport to a place:

Command Description
/spawn Teleports you back to spawn
/warp [name] Teleports you to the specified warp.

To teleport a player or yourself:

Command Description
/tpa [player] Sends a request to the player to teleport to them.
/tpahere [player] Sends a request to the player to teleport them to you.
/tpaaccept and /tpdeny Accepts or denies an incoming teleport request.
/tpauto Automatically accept incoming teleport requests.


Command Description
/msg [player] [message] Sends the private message to the specified player.
/r [message] Replies to the last player that messaged you.


You can change your local time.

These changes are visual and only applies to yourself! The server’s time still apply: Phantoms will spawn when it’s night, and this does not affect sleep or other players.

Command Description
/ptime [day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm] Change your local time.
/ptime @[day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm] Change your local time and pause time progression.
/ptime reset Reset your local time to the server’s time.